Vision for Wellington

Let’s work together for an inclusive, creative, sustainable and vibrant Wellington – a city that is unique and on the move.

We will live in a stunning, world ranked city. It will have a compact, bustling, resilient and beautiful central city where more people live & work, surrounded by suburbs each with its own unique treasured character.

We will be a city of inclusion, celebrating all cultures, faiths and orientations. We’ll get involved in our communities, and be a city that cares and supports each other.

Wellington will be the place of the big conversations, the keeper of the nation’s treasures. We will be the Creative Capital, the capital of Arts and Culture, Creative Businesses, the Food Capital, Events Capital – making the most of being the Capital.

We’ll be a low carbon, low waste city, continuing our world leading environmental restoration journey.

Our economy will recover from Covid. We’ll continue to support emerging, growing businesses; cool, authentic retail and visitor experiences. We’ll be proud of our city, treasuring its heritage and confident about our future.

We’ll be well underway with a transformational investment programme, partnering with Government to actively deliver the integrated housing, community environments, infrastructure and sustainable transport options our growing city needs – always in close collaboration with affected communities. We’ll finish strengthening loved older buildings and will open new icons.

Our city has a bright, exciting future. Let’s get this done together for Wellington!