Town Hall strengthening – huge and complex but going well

This week included a visit to our Town Hall to see progress on the strengthening.  This is a huge and complex job, but so far it’s going well.

Naylor Love and the subcontractors are doing a great job. The timber floors and main stairs have been carefully identified, removed and stored off site. Diggers and drilling rigs are hard at work.

The left photo is inside the Ilott Chamber – reinforcing is being laid out in advance of concrete pour. Nick and I are standing beside one of what will eventually be 462 piles screwed down approx 15 – 16 metres into the ground. Base isolators to come on top as well as beams to tie into the 1904 brick walls. There will be about 8 separate concrete pours in the Ilott alone. The walls will eventually have reinforcing through them as will the ceiling.

The photo on the right is in the main auditorium with the crane mid picture.

It has given me a clear picture that the strengthening done in the late 1980s was only partial, and didn’t address the ground / connection to the ground. A long way to go, but so far going well!