Water and Waste – Getting the basics sorted

We need good infrastructure.

Prior to the 2019 election pipe issues were not on anyone’s radar. It was not in the media nor in public feedback and submissions. Our then Chief Executive’s 2019 pre-election report carried not a whisper of potential problems. Then in December 2019, pipes started breaking.

I acted with speed; going on site, funding pipe condition assessment and increasing budgets. I engaged vigorously with Wellington Water, requiring a clear plan for our wastewater network. There is now a clear plan to make our central city wastewater network resilient so we don’t get overflows into the harbour.

Under my leadership, Council approved and built our largest ever water reservoir Omaroro, making our water supply much more earthquake resilient. Major new wastewater pipes have been laid and others fixed, including a major new wastewater rising main (pipe) up Whitmore and Bowen Street.

A $24m pump station and pipe up Taranaki Street is underway, it is being built to help prevent wastewater overflows into our harbour and to support our growing population.

Our landfill will be full by 2026. Council agreed on a Lysis Digestion – Thermal Drying sludge plant allowing us to dramatically reduce waste to landfill so our landfill extension is far smaller. My council also agreed on a landfill extension.

I will:

  • Require better asset management planning to drive 3 waters investment
  • Drive leak reductions
  • Ensure Wellington Water improves communications feedback when you contact them with an issue
  • Build our sludge treatment plant and landfill, and
  • Complete major wastewater mains in our Central City.

Unlike both my main rivals, I do not support Government’s water reforms. They believe that the Government will pay for water, it won’t. Under the reform proposals, we will all get multiple bills as consumers from the new water companies.

Regardless I will ensure our growing city has the infrastructure it needs for our future.