Natural Environment


I have played a long term leading role in Wellington’s incredible environmental renaissance. That includes creating the Outer Green Belt, recovering Town Belt land, pushing for Miramar’s heritage park, effective citywide pest control, and support of our burgeoning number of community reserve care groups. I personally run trap lines and have established Karori Kaitiaki (KAKA) environmental restoration group.

I have been involved in the incredible Zealandia journey from 1992 when Jim Lynch first proposed the idea. I was part of the original feasibility committee, a foundation trustee, and later again served as a trustee and then a guardian.

We know that being a ‘City immersed in nature’ is a unique strength of Wellington, loved by residents and visitors alike.

I will:

  • Continue Wellington’s environmental renaissance, empowering and supporting community involvement.
  • Continue supporting our predator free work and the Capital Kiwi project. We plan for Miramar to be predator free within the next few months.
  • Complete the Outer Green Belt, establish a Heritage Park on Miramar Peninsula, and pursue a coastal trail.
  • Protect and restore streams
  • Convene Environmental Fora to regularly bring together environmental groups to harness the passion and expertise in our community.