Love your City as it grows


Wellington is growing. We had 157,000 people in 1991, now there are 213,000 of us. We expect 50-80,000 more people over the next 30 years. That will have major effects on our city, and we have started planning for that. Under my leadership Council will work with you to identify where and how change can occur and where are the special places we want to protect. I will:

  • Ensure excellent engagement on our upcoming Spatial Plan and District Plan review. Review delegations for resource consent decision making. There are too many consents granted – non notified despite often significant breaches of planning rules.
  • Establish an Urban Development Agency to bring land parcels together, plan redevelopment, and partner with the private sector to build more accommodation. We need more houses, but growth cannot be at any cost. We must do this right. The focus will be on good location, on quality, and on meeting gaps in the market – especially targeting first home buyers and older people downsizing.
  • Ensure we have good infrastructure asset management plans to support growth, and that growth pays the costs imposes – not ratepayers.
  • Empower communities to develop your own local plans, enhance your unique identities and make your own decisions. There will be no more Shelly Bay’s where the community is cut out of having a say. I want people to be engaged in and proud of your city.
  • Protect areas identified by communities as having special character. I introduced rules for inner city character suburbs like Thorndon, Aro Valley, Mt Victoria, Mt Cook, Newtown and Berhampore, which have provided effective protection.
  • Fix Civic Square. The library and Town Hall will be strengthened. The Square will be brought back to life and buildings will be better integrated into the Square itself. Victoria University-NZSO’s School of Music, and a more diverse range of activities will add life to the Square. I will bring Council back into the Square.
  • Make the Central City an even better people place with at least two more Central City Parks, more boulevards of trees, fun art works, upgraded laneways, bike and car share schemes, movie walls, events, markets, and street performances.
  • Ensure the long term viability of Council social housing.
  • Create a wonderful refurbished playground and adult exercise facilities on the waterfront.  I’ve seen these sorts of adult outdoor gyms overseas. Very popular gathering places.
  • Strengthen our suburban centres, guided by community plans. Redevelopment of Johnsonville Mall and Karori Town Centre development are pending.