Getting Wellington Really Moving

I believe in compact, walkable, low carbon city. A mixed-use city is critical to the health and vitality of our city and suburban centres.

For many years I’ve provided leadership that has been critical to Wellington being the lowest carbon city in Australasia, with the highest walking, cycling and public transport mode share by far in New Zealand. We’re about to supercharge that.

Our city will be transformed over the next decade. I’ve succeeded in getting agreement with Government on a clear, integrated plan for transport and urban development for our growing city. There will be a second Mt Victoria tunnel and a very attractive Basin Reserve solution. Mass transit (light rail or bus rapid transit) will run from the Station to the South Coast. Ministers have also supported my advocacy to drive housing development along that Mass Transit route through a new Government-Council development agency.

There will also be changes to city streets, increased pedestrianisation and a comprehensive network of bus/bike ways. The first shovels are about to go into the ground! A major new roundabout on Aotea Quay to cope with the new interisland ferries will start before Christmas, and the construction pace will really pick up next year.

I believe that as we change, Wellingtonians need transport choices and we need to be practical. By far the majority of trips – especially off peak – are taken by car, and we need freight and tradies to get around efficiently too!

Change will be challenging, exciting, transformative, but we need to travel this route together. The political balance on Council has meant that has not happened enough with some transport projects. My promise is to work with you, to talk, to listen, sometimes adapt, as we continue this exciting journey of transformation together.

In the next three years I will:

  • Work with Government and Greater Wellington on detailed design and preliminary delivery works for our new Tunnel, Basin Reserve solution and MRT detailed design. Together we will work to speed up delivery.
  • Deliver other Let’s Get Wellington Moving projects. The Aotea roundabout, Golden Mile, Hutt Road – Thorndon Quay and the first bus and bike ways will be delivered. In doing this work I will do all I can to ensure we talk with you, genuinely listen and be willing to make changes.
  • Continue working with Government on funding transport transformation to reduce the impacts on rates.
  • Ensure business is fully involved in programming delivery of major infrastructure work so we manage and mitigate disruption.

Lets get this done together for Wellington.