Getting Wellington Really Moving

I believe in compact, walkable, low carbon city. A mixed-use city is critical to the health and vitality of our city and suburban centres.

For many years I’ve provided leadership that has been critical to Wellington being the lowest carbon city in Australasia, with the highest walking, cycling and public transport mode share by far in New Zealand. We’re about to supercharge that.

I’ve succeeded in getting agreement with Government on a clear, integrated plan for transport and urban development for our growing city. There will be a second Mt Victoria tunnel and a very attractive Basin Reserve solution. Mass transit (light rail or bus rapid transit) will run from the Station to the South Coast. Ministers have supported my advocacy to drive housing development along that route through a new Government-Council development agency.

Bike and bus ways being planned and delivered right around our city. The pace of shovels in the ground will transform our City. I also recognise we need transport choice and need to be practical. By far the majority of trips – especially off peak – are taken by car, and we need freight and trades to function! We are really getting Let’s Get Wellington Moving actually moving.

Our new District Plan is being notified as I write – I encourage you to make submissions. Allowing people to help shape their own communities is critical to me. It’s our home, our turangawaewae – our place to stand. I strongly disagree with the majority of the current Council who consistently prevented this.

I want to lead a new Council that is more collaborative and focused on working for Wellingtonians. I have shown that I value character and the things that make our city beautiful and unique. I want to see these cared for as we grow and change.

I’ve been working hard not just to fix infrastructure once its problems became painfully evident, but to ensure we have the systems in place to support growth.

I will focus on the key areas where we intend transformational change:

  • Tawa because of the railway line;
  • Johnsonville built around our biggest town centre; and
  • Our Central City and the mass transit route to Newtown and Island Bay.

Change will be challenging, exciting, transformative. My promise is to work with you, to talk, to listen, as we continue this exciting journey of transformation together.