Andy Foster is spicing up Wellington’s Mayoral contest


Wellington City Councillor Andy Foster is spicing up Wellington’s Mayoral contest by entering the race.

“I’ve never had so many people say they want a change, and ask me to run for Mayor.  They are very unhappy about what’s been done, about what has not been done, and about the way things have been done.”

“People love our City very deeply and are proud of the way it has developed into one of the best cities in the world to live in, but there is now a widespread view that we are losing our way, and I want to put that right,” says Andy.

The Way We Work

“I want Council to be more part of the community and be clearer it exists for the community, not for itself. “

“As our city grows I will make sure we plan to protect the things we most value about our city, whether it our special green spaces or heritage and character. I will empower communities to make more of their own decisions about how they contribute to the needs of a growing city, while developing and enhancing their own special identities. We will not impose solutions without any consultation as has happened at Shelly Bay. “

“I stand for open Government, not for secret deals.”

“I want to be regularly hearing from our many communities and will establish regular sounding board meetings with key economic, environmental, social and cultural representatives. I will promote greater collaboration with our sister Councils around the region. Internally councillors will enjoy clearer portfolio responsibilities to help them get things done.”

The Environment

“We all know we need to reduce our footprint on the Planet. I will ensure more support for the thousands of Wellingtonians who, like me, are active in environmental restoration and predator control. We will complete our Green Belt network, establish a heritage park on Miramar peninsula, and develop several parks in the Central City to support its growing population.”

“I will release plans in coming days about driving waste reduction and reducing  Council’s own climate impact.”

The Economy

“I want to focus our efforts on the things that are uniquely Wellington strengths. I want to make a lot more of being the Capital, our film capital status, arts and culture, access to outdoors for iconic events, and expanding boutique food and beverage manufacture. “

“Short stay parking is important to business and will be prioritized over longer stay parking. I’ll look at restoring free Sunday parking.”

Te Ngakau – Civic Square

“I will make decisions over the next year so construction can get underway alongside Town Hall strengthening. With the School of Music, a solution to the Central Library, activating the edges of the Square with cafes, the return of Council and possibly other activities Civic Square will be properly Te Ngakau – the heart of our city.”


“Let’s Get Wellington Moving is politically compromised, looks to be ineffective, overpriced and slow in delivery. Roads appear to have been deemed evil. I’ll push for an integrated transport system, more people walking, cycling and using public transport, and decent roading connections sooner rather than later. “

“Public transport has become a real problem. The one practical thing the City Council can do is deliver bus priority which successive City Councils have refused to do. I also want the Airport Flyer resurrected. Given the desire to spend billions of dollars on future mass transit, it would be irrational not to fix the existing bus service for just a few dollars to give some benefits now.”


“We need more housing. We especially need housing that young people looking to get into a first home can afford, and housing for older people looking to downsize. Our market isn’t providing that. In 2016 we were ready to establish an Urban Development Agency so Council could help actively deliver this housing – within a consulted on wider framework.  That was blocked for ideological reasons. I will fix that.”


“I want to ensure Council lives within its means. Council is projecting rates increases of approximately 70% over the next 10 years without even factoring in Civic Square, and that is going to be simply unaffordable for many Wellingtonians. I’ll keep working on significant opportunities for saving over the shorter and longer terms. “

“I want our City to be the best it can be and to restore a sense of vision, energy and progress. I will be releasing a lot more detailed policy on how we can make these things happen in coming days.”



For further information please contact

Andy Foster – 021 227 8537


Authorized by Andy Foster – 27 Versailles St, Karori, Wellington