Mayor Andy Foster confirms seeking a second term

Our extraordinary city needs a leader who is 100% committed to it and our people and gets the important things done – and I have, even in extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

I am 100% committed to our City – anyone who knows me knows that. They know I understand the complexities and interconnections. This is not a simple role. It’s not about politics, or some other motivation – it’s just about Wellington and Wellingtonians.

We’ve been through the mill together, but I’ve got things done, the important things. It’s easy to play with a good hand but the tough times require real leadership. It’s about a clear vision for the future we want. I’ve got results.

I’ve worked with our partners to make many big decisions on transport, delivered a new District Plan, responded actively to city safety concerns. I’ve responded to our infrastructure challenge including lifting investment, getting our biggest ever reservoir built, making crucial decisions on our landfill and sludge treatment. I’ve got agreement with Government and Council on a way forward to make Council’s Social Housing affordable and allow building more social housing. I’ve strongly supported arts, culture, events and business through the pandemic to keep our city going. New economic and arts and culture strategies are in place to take us forward. Relationships with iwi and our diverse communities are stronger than ever. Our St James is open again, our Town Hall and Takina are progressing well, and major work on our exciting, renewed library starts shortly.

My Vision

Looking ahead it’s time for transformation, to create the future we want, while treasuring what we value.

We will live in a stunning, world ranked city. We’ll have a compact, bustling, resilient, beautiful central city where more people live and work, surrounded by suburbs each with its own unique treasured character. We’ll be more inclusive, loving diversity. We’ll be even more involved, be a city that cares and supports each other. We’ll be the place of big conversations, the keeper of the nation’s treasures, be the food capital, the arts capital, the events capital, the ideas and innovation capital – and making the most of being THE Capital.

I’ll continue leading our world-renowned environmental restoration journey.

Our economy will recover from Covid. I’ll continue supporting emerging, growing businesses, and cool, authentic retail and visitor experiences. We’ll be proud of our city, treasuring its heritage, confident about our future.

In the next three years I will ensure we’re well underway with a transformational investment programme, partnering with Government to actively deliver the integrated housing, infrastructure and sustainable transport options our growing city needs – while enhancing communities, and doing this always in close collaboration with those communities. We’ll finish strengthening loved older buildings and will open new icons.

It will take courage, drive and energy, leadership, vision. It will take working together. We can look forward to a bright future. Let’s get it done together!

For further media comment please contact – Mayor Andy Foster 021 227 8537