Lets Get Wellington Really Moving!

Today is a big day for Wellington!

Big LGWM announcement this morning alongside Minister of Transport and Minister of Infrastructure confirming:
1. Second Mt Victoria Tunnel
2. Basin Reserve Solution – grade separation between North – South and East – West traffic, and very beautiful design too
3. Clarity about the route for Mass Rapid Transit from the Railway Station to Island Bay, accompanied by significantly enhanced bus services to our Eastern Suburbs.
Cabinet’s preferred option is the MRT option being light rail (LRT). Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is also being taken forward on that route.
The ultimate decision will be based on the level of urban development/housing expected along the route. LRT costs more, not as good for people on bikes or resilience, but has higher capacity (ie can support greater population)
As part of this I’ve been pushing hard for active delivery through an Urban Development Agency rather than just relying on ‘the market’ to respond to the increased development capacity allowed by our new District Plan (agreed last week) – and we are working actively on this with Government.
In summary – this is a transport, urban development and housing, and infrastructure plan. It is a complex, integrated. city shaping plan that is the biggest investment that has ever been made in Wellington.
The City Council and Regional Council will make decisions on July 6th. Detailed design will follow, things like geotech, property acquisition where needed etc.
A key message from the almost 6000 Wellingtonians who responded to the pre Christmas consultation was ‘please get on with whichever option you choose’ and all of the partners are committed to doing exactly that.
Another part of an exciting, bright future for our beautiful city.