Better Leadership for Wellington

Your Mayor needs to be a leader, good listener, be well informed, have a clear and coherent vision, understand how things fit together, can differentiate between the important and the trivial, and be a reasoned and consistent advocate for our great city.

I believe that you deserve more than sound bites. I have set out headlines, but backed them up with a lot of detail. I have set out a six year programme in transport, urban development, economic, social, cultural and environmental areas.

There are new ideas, many of them things I am actively working on right now. However I am very conscious that the new ideas which some candidates are promising will cost you and I a very large amount of money, and I am not going to do that. New promises outside Council’s existing budgets need to be offset by savings elsewhere.

At the beginning of my term as Mayor, I will work with councillors to :

  • Agree a clear strategy for the next 3 years and a timetable for delivering on that strategy. 
    This didn’t happen in the last two terms of Council, and it showed.
  • Agree a community consultation programme each 3 years
    Where and when should we focus the community and our engagement resources.
  • Allocate councillor responsibilities to focus on the key deliverables
  • As Councillors we will focus on delivering the agreed strategy and work constructively together even where there are disagreements over details within that strategy.
  • Ensure we work together with trust, integrity and respect.
  • Exercise tighter financial discipline.
  • Work within the existing level of rating projections, and seek to reduce those where possible.
  • I will establish a Budgetary taskforce including external expertise to assess the budget line by line if need be to ensure best value for your money.
  • Seek value for money, ensure processes that avoid erratic spending decisions and always be guided by a clear coherent strategic direction.
  • Our budgets should allow you, the citizens of Wellington greater ability to influence levels of service and therefore levels of your rates.