Achievements: Urban Development

Better Planning Rules

  • Central area noise insulation (PC23) – requiring higher noise insulation standards
  • Ridgelines and hilltops protection (PC 33)
  • Northern Growth Management Framework  2001 and structure plan (Plan Change 45)
  • Takapu Island  rezoning (PC47) and Countdown supermarket development (hearing chair)
  • Plan Changes to improve quality of suburban centre design (deal with blank walls etc) – PC 52 and element of PC 73.
  • Plan Change 56 addressed worst aspects of oversize and out of character infill
  • Churton Park town centre plan (PC 60)
  • Huntleigh Park bush – much stronger protections for this important primary bush remnant (PC61)
  • Plan Changes 72 and 73 – target infill closer to PT and services to increase walking and PT use, differentiate between suburban centres, oversee initial concept and public engagement.
  • 131 Silverstream Road, Rhine St, Freeling St – not being SHAs (lead this process)
  • Oversee getting District Plan operative (2014)
  • Leading Adelaide Road framework planning (2008)
  • Led Kilbirnie Town Centre Plan
  • Got Newlands Town Centre Plan to happen – result includes a new supermarket and much stronger town centre
  • Car Haulaways – stopping it destroying forest and stream gully between Grenada and Grenada North
  • Tapu te Ranga Open Space retention

Heritage and character protection

  • Changes to protect heritage character areas – the pre 1930s non demolition rule
  • World War 1 commemorative street signs
  • Heritage protection of Salisbury Garden Court (PC 58) – Wadestown/Wilton
  • Increased heritage funding from $400,000 to $1 million from 2015/16 to 2017/18
  • Out of 800 heritage listed buildings in the City, only 135 are classified as earthquake prone and of those at least 60 have work underway to strengthen them.
  • Increased length of rates relief to 3/5/8/10 years to incentivize strengthening buildings especially heritage
  • Establishment of Heritage Centres – Aro Valley, Newtown, John Street, Hataitai, Berhampore, Thorndon – PC 75
  • Plan Change for Futuna Chapel interior (PC13) and support purchase and maintenance by the Trust Futuna development plan – save 4 totara, save stream, better quality development

Urban Enhancement Projects

  • Courtenay Place upgrade – got it through a difficult engagement process with local businesses
  • Got Karori and Tawa MDRA / Town Centre proposals into the budget through Urban Growth Plan. Tawa now constructed
  • Karori Town Centre redevelopment 1995 – 2005 – Library, Town Square, Community Centre, Parkvale Road lights
  • Purchase of St Johns site, Karori
  • Strengthening Verandahs bylaw 2015 /16
  • Part of Waterfront Leadership Group (2000) – developed the still current Waterfront Framework to guide completion of our Waterfront
  • Leadership role in waterfront redevelopment in addition to being
  • Getting Lombard Lane/Denton Park redevelopment into the budget
  • I have begun pushing redevelopment of Te Aro Park and Dixon Street and Oaks and making Dixon Street more a people place
  • Work to improve Frank Kitts playground (long advocacy with Wellington Waterfront/City Shaper)
  • Advocating for EQ finance support from Government (depreciation), and powers to go for higher strengthening on key routes.
  • Street signs – sense of place proposal (Oct / Nov 2015)
  • Karori tunnel plaque
  • Cobblestone Park development
  • Leading push for plans for Kent and Cambridge Terrace

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(PC = Plan Change)

Other Achievements
> Creating a transport system
> Restoring a once very degraded natural environment
> Creating stronger communities