Achievements: Transport


  • Leading the City’s First ever City Transport Strategy and some subsequent transport and urban development strategies. The consistency of strategy has been fundamental to reversing what was a long term decline in public transport use, and has resulted in continuous growth in the proportion of trips taking on foot, by bike and by bus and train. For example public transport use is up 60% in my time on Council
  • 2015 Urban Growth Plan (Transport and Urban Development Strategy)
  • Compact Urban Form Leadership
  • Strong Vibrant Mixed Use Central City and encouraging more sustainable development by being close to suburban centres and public transport
  • Getting more people walking, cycling and use of public transport
  • Car Share – to make vehicles available to residents and businesses who don’t need to own vehicles / want to avoid the cost of ownership and parking (especially in the central city) but might occasionally need a car.
  • N2A Governance process – Let’s Get Wellington Moving

Public Transport

  • Bus priority through CBD
  • Bus Lane Enforcement Powers
  • Bus routes – early advocacy of a double spine and kept focus on needing priority on the whole route right to suburbs, not just CBD
  • Leader with Kerry Prendergast in Manners street bus way
  • Hunter Street bus priority
  • Lead push for review of WCC PT transport rate (with Tony Randle – 2015)
  • Glenmore St bus priority lane and cyclelane
  • Bus shelter budget increase
  • Number 21 Bus – getting weekend and evening services


  • Local Government New Zealand representation on the National Road Safety Committee
  • Contributed to MoT Safer Journeys review and First to Zero – Safety Champion idea, Safe System mandating, dedicated engineering fund
  • Road Safety Action Plan (Wellington) – Speed limit enforcement and Red Light running enforcement
  • Red Light Camera installation
  • Safer Roads programme – following European models to make streets safer for people
  • Safer speed limits programme
  • Minor safety works arranged response – MacAlister Park crossing (e Petition Nov 2014)
  • Minor safety works Highbury (inc roundabout on Raroa Rd)
  • Led 30 kph speed limits for Golden Mile
  • Bond Street closure and Pedestrian Safety furniture along Golden Mile
  • Bowen St clearway
  • Shared walkway – cycleway to Cruise ships
  • Thorndon Quay clearway safety improvement
  • Basin traffic lights – ran substantial consultation leading to their installation. Cut crashes enormously
  • Kenya St (Ngaio) road safety
  • Sunshine Avenue, Firth and Scapa Tce traffic safety resolutions
  • Campbell Street Kea Crossing
  • Karori West School 2015 safety work (parking, vegetation, fence)


  • In 2009 successfully increased funding for cycling to start cycling programme, further increases followed
  • Lead development of City Cycling framework / strategy / NZTA applications
  • Hutt Road cycleway/walkway (shared path)
  • Changes to Regional Transport Plan (2015) to encourage more investment in sustainable transport
  • Supported Kilbirnie Shared Path (Leonie Gill pathway)
  • Wellington’s first ever Cycle Plan 2008
  • Leadership in Wellington City’s growth in cycling (1986-2006)
  • Work with NZTA and Mayor to accelerate Great Harbour Way (GHW) providing logic and funding
  • Oversee implementation of bikes in schools
  • Delivery of low impact cycle safety improvements on Chaytor St – cyclists were being hit at Chaytor/Raroa junction
  • Organised Cycle Forum 2013
  • Birdwood St cycleway
  • Botanic Gardens cycling allowed (Met Office to Cable Car)


  • Wellington’s first ever Walking Plan 2008
  • Increased investment in pedestrian safety targeted at schools
  • Living Streets – street audit (Oct 2015)
  • CBD intersection review to reduce pedestrian wait times (c2013 forward)


  • Fronted Johnsonville triangle roading development
  • Fronted construction of Westchester Drive Road (Churton Park)
  • Supported Pukeahu and undergrounding.
  • Got NZTA agreement to mitigation of Basin flyover proposal (flyover did not proceed)
  • Fronted Inner City Bypass and negotiations over appeals against it
  • Got Samuel Parnell Road (Karori) built to provide an alternative local connection
  • Newlands Flyover – resolved appeal
  • Pushed back against 6 laning Ruahine St and Wellington Road
  • Leading role in protection of Takapu Valley and Tawa (2014-15)


  • Taxi parking bylaw – to allow Council to stop taxis taking metered parking spaces set aside for the general public.
  • Front parking sensor trials and encourage staff to go further with applications
  • Oversaw successful bringing of Parking Services in house and ongoing operation.

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Other Achievements
> Creating a compact city
> Restoring a once very degraded natural environment
> Creating stronger communities