Achievements: Natural Environment

Fort Buckley purchase Sole lead on Council. With one member of the Highland Park community – I spent 10 years pushing NZ Rail to sell the site. The Council had put a deposit on this historic 1870s fort above Ngaio Gorge in 1990. Because there is a rail tunnel underneath NZ Rail went cold on the sale and Council officers were reluctant to follow up. However because Council had paid a deposit in my view there was an obligation and through persistence including questions to Ministers and Ministries, we finally secured the fort in 2001.
Support for gun recovery for Fort Buckley Lead Support Highland Park efforts to get funds for finding original 1870 guns for Fort Buckley Ongoing
Khouri Avenue plan change and land swap (PC27) I led this Plan Change to swap 2 hectares of land at the end of Khouri Avenue for 5 hectares of land immediately above it including the ridgeline immediately north of Makara Road saddle. This was quite a difficult Plan Change but it prevented development on the ridge and high up on the Karori hillside. Instead we have some good houses attached to the existing Khouri Avenue housing, with easy walking access to buses and to Karori Park. The land we acquired is now an important part of the Outer Green Belt.
Protection of Tawatawa Ridge above Island Bay This ridge was originally going to be a road and be developed for housing. Crs John Gilberthorpe and Celia Wade-Brown and myself advocated that instead it become reserve. Tawatawa Ridge is now a reserve including dog and horse exercise areas and the City to Sea walkway.
Protecting Te Ahumairangi (formerly Tinakori) Hill Lookout – where houses would have gone if I hadn’t acted to stop planned development and then purchase the land I chaired Open Space hearings where we rejected Telecom’s desire to put a subdivision on top of the hill’s southern end. I then led the purchase of 18.6 hectares of land in 2000. That left just the summit area which was not under threat of development. Council acquired an additional 4.7 hectares of land from Telecom in 2012 leaving just the very summit (1.5 hectares) where communications equipment is sited in Chorus ownership.

The whole of Te Ahumairangi Hill, with  the exception of the Chorus land has been added to the Town Belt under the 2016 Town Belt Act.

Pushing Chest Hospital transfer Leading advocate for the Chest Hospital site above Newtown to be returned to Council to be added to the Town Belt. The Chest Hospital land and buildings were transferred by the Government to Council in 2002. The heritage listed buildings have been strengthened and in 2013 / 14 the SPCA occupied the buildings. In 2016 it was returned to the Town Belt under the 2016 Town Belt Act.
Crows’ Nest deal (Ngaio) I championed the deal to secure the very prominent hill known as Crows’ Nest above Ngaio for the Outer Green Belt. This arrangement relied on the developer who owns the hill exercising his right to develop much lower down the hill. That development has not yet happened, so the deal may have to be refreshed soon.
Downing Street deal and Plan Change (Crofton Downs) I led this planning decision and chaired the hearing that allowed completion of Downing Street and Council getting a 3+ hectare reserve area to ‘green fence’ the development. Approximately 25 more houses have been built and Silversky track has benn created.

Other Achievements
> Creating a compact city
> Creating a transport system
> Creating stronger communities