Achievements: Community and recreation

Artificial Turf A leader and passionate advocate along with Cr John Morrison in advocating for a network of artificial turf across the city. Our first full sized turf (Te Whaea) opened in 2010. Once we had tested the technology at Nairnville this was clearly the solution to deal with large scale cancellations and the inability to train or play. Wellington City now has full sized artificials at Te Whaea , Wakefield (2), Wgtn College, St Pats, Alex Moore, a ¾ size at Nairnville and we will build another training sized field at Karori Park this summer (old Terawhiti Bowling club site)
Natural Burials Sole Lead on Council – I was approached by and worked with Natural Burials to persuade reluctant Parks officials to allow natural burials – the first in New Zealand
Karori Park redevelopment Lead the redevelopment of Karori Park with Cr Morrison and Karori Cricket and Football clubs and Rotary Completed in 2007. The redeveloped Karori Park is a wonderful hub for formal sports and informal recreation – lots of people walk, run or bike around the park every day. It is a model for other parks around the city. We have hopefully finally cracked the issues with poor drainage!
Karori Park Sports Club – fundraising, café As secretary of the Karori Park Sports Club, and now Chairman, I did most of the fundraising for the redevelopment of Karori Park Sports Club and the work to bring on board a café operator. The café is a popular destination for Karori Park users, as well as club room for Waterside Karori AFC (WKAFC) and Karori Cricket. Karori Lions have been welcomed in to membership and we are going to bring other local club(s) on board too.
Terawhiti artificial turf Leading role with several colleagues in obtaining support and funding from Council and also support from non Council sources for WKAFC’s funding drive. Council has agreed to invest $740,000 for the turf with another $300,000 approx being raised by WKAFC. The turf will be built over summer 2016/17 an ready for the 2017 winter season.
Helped get Mud Cycles into Terawhiti Bowling Club building Worked with officers and Mud Cycles to help facilitate Mud’s move to Karori Park when notice was given on their previous lease on Karori Road. Mud and Makara Peak work superbly together – a mutually supportive relationship, which works because of Mud’s close proximity to Makara Peak.
Karori Library, café, square I led the lengthy community consultation over several years and multiple iterations, and as then Chair of Built and Natural Environment led the Council planning work that led to the library, café toilets and square being created. Karori Library was opened in 2005 and is easily the busiest branch library in the city.
Karori Community Centre I led the lengthy community consultation over several years and multiple iterations, and as then Chair of Built and Natural Environment led the Council planning work that led to the community centre being created. Karori Community Centre opened in 2003/4
Karori Recreation Centre With Cr Bedingfield I led the process and worked closely with officers to achieve a really good design within the available budget. Karori Recreation Centre opened in 1996. It is a very popular recreation centre – with over 100,000 uses a year, only exceeded by Nairnville because of the latter’s including sports clubrooms on site.
Purchase of St Johns site, Karori With   Cr John Morrison gained Council agreement to purchase the St Johns site in 2000 which at that time hosted the community centre The St Johns site has given us a range of options in the design of the Karori Town Centre, and allowed development of the Avenue. Until 2004 the Community Centre was located there and the St Johns Church remains well used though is in poor repair.
Marsden Village upgrade Worked with local businesses to get Marsden Village upgraded in 1998 and set up the City’s first Business Improvement District. Marsden Village was turned around from a struggling centre to a solid and stable one which has survived pretty well through all the challenges to date. The BID structure has served Marsden Village very well. Only in the last 3 years have other suburban centres begun forming BIDS.

I supported the establishment of Café 162, now One Fat Bird when first proposed and there was some loud opposition. I think everyone now thoroughly enjoys having another place to socialise, eat and drink in our community.

Toilets retention in many suburbs When toilets across the city were proposed to be closed I challenged the methodology and the toilets were not only saved but subsequently upgraded. Under that proposed policy public toilets would have vanished from Newlands, and then everywhere between Khandallah and Northland inclusive.
Karori Community Events Centre I have worked closely with the Events Centre Trust to obtain Council support for leasing the land, and financial help. I have also been able to support the Trust from non-Council sources I lead support on Council for the Events Centre including amendments to the budget to get the proceeds from the ultimate sale for the St Johns site and to inflation index original $188,000 which was part of the 2003 Karori Town Centre plan for moving the former old wooden hall.

I have also worked to provide critical support through non Council sources.

The Events Centre will be a fabulous asset for Karori. A contract for construction is expected to be let any day now.

Huge congratulations to the members of our community who have done so much work, and soldiered on against what must have seemed impossible odds to get here. I look forward to seeing the work underway very soon!

Please do get behind the Trust in fundraising.

Support school pools programme – especially delivery of Khandallah Pool and Wgtn East Girls With Cr Ritchie championed the fund to support investment in school pools which would otherwise have closed or at best been only modestly used. We were very conscious of the closure of school pools around New Zealand, and the importance of learning to swim – so we developed a model of supporting upgrades of pools where a solid learn to swim programme could be put in place, not just for the pupils of the school in question, but for children from the wider community. Schools supported include Khandallah, Wellington East (opens this summer) , Berhampore, Rewarewa (Newlands),
Karori Pool – opened October 2001 I led this proposal with support from Crs Alick Shaw and Sue Piper. I pushed to get a new pool on to the agenda. The old open 1937 Karori pool as coming to the end of its life (plant) and at the time the most popular recreation facility for Karori and the western suburbs was — Kilbirnie’s Aquatic Centre (reinforcing my comments above about facility locations)

The old pool in its last year ha 29,000 visits. Council did not have a replacement pool on its agenda. I built the case fro replacement of the old pool with an indoor pool.

We projected the new pool would get 150,000 to 160,000. In fact it regularly just exceeds 200,000 users a year, and in terms of ratepayer cost per swimmer is second lowest just behind Freyberg, and less than half the cost or the WRAC/Tawa/Ketih Spry.

Support Ian Galloway Park BMX track With Crs Woolf, Coughlan and Eagle I worked with the Capital BMX Club to obtain permissions, and help funding. The track opened in February 2016. I also helped with non Council sources of funding.

Other Community Work

Highland Cres renaming Worked with local residents proposing a name change Successfully completed renaming from Oban Cres to Highland Cres in 2015/16. Oban Cres was being confused regularly with Oban Street.
Established the Karori Brooklyn Community Charitable Trust (KBCCT) Worked to create a Trust Deed and establish KBCCT in (2007) KBCCT came out of the former Terawhiti Licensing Trust. I am voluntary chair of KBCCT. We work with the Lion Foundation to provide funding for community projects. To date we have provided over $1,500,000 to a wide range of community organisations, schools, pre-schools, clubs, heritage, environmental and aged care organisations in the area prescribed by the Trust Deed – Karori, Makara, Northland, Wilton, Kelburn Aro Valley, Brooklyn.
Established the Karori Association (2013-14) Convened public meetings to set up the Karori Association to help represent the residents, businesses and organisations of Karori. Karori Association is established and operating. It will have its 2nd AGM this September.

Other Achievements
> Creating a compact city
> Creating a transport system
> Restoring a once very degraded natural environment