People sometimes ask what I have achieved on Council. The simple answer is ‘a lot’. To me the privilege of being on Council is the chance to make positive differences for our city. That is what I look to do every day as your representative.

When I was first elected Wellington was frequently viewed as the place people went to because they had to – for career reasons. Now Wellington is internationally recognised as one of the best cities in the world to live in. I’ve been privileged to play a big big role in that dramatic transformation.

Sometimes as a councillor you are simply supporting something or an initiative that the whole Council has worked on together. I have not included those types of initiatives here – e.g. Westpac Stadium, Te Papa, Positively Wellington Tourism etc. I have listed here purely those things where I was the leader, working with others. Sometimes they are things where they are my initiatives and mine alone. In short they are those things that would not have happened without me.

My consistent approach has been built around big picture philosophies.

Creating a compact city, with a dynamic real heart that is easy to get around, and strong suburban centres which are the hearts of their respective communities
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Creating a transport system that encourages more use of sustainable modes (walking, cycling, public transport) to reduce congestion, energy use and emissions and improve health and wellbeing
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Restoring a once very degraded natural environment
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Creating stronger communities by encouraging active community involvement in community organisations, recreation, environmental work, arts and culture
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Doing all these things while trying to minimise the rates impost, and always looking for value for money.